Since its inception, Study Ireland has been placing international students from all over the world into Ireland’s leading higher educational institutions.

Founded in 2015 by Irishman Seamus McHugh, Study Ireland now has offices in Thailand, Malaysia and Hong Kong, alongside working with students across the globe through our digital channels. In addition, we have staff on the ground in Ireland who provide local support for our students during their studies. 

As our reputation has grown over the past number of years, so too has our reach in terms of our students. While our students have traditionally come largely from South-East Asia, in recent years we have seen a large volume of applications from Australia, New Zealand, India, The Middle-East and Africa. We are delighted to be working with students from such a diverse range of backgrounds as we play our part in assisting Irish universities in becoming the thriving international institutions they are today. 

As a well-established student recruitment specialist in Ireland, we partner with all of Ireland’s major academic institutions. We provide a wealth of opportunities for our students to choose from and help to navigate an important step in their academic journey.

With free counselling services, comprehensive application assistance, and a multi-lingual student support team, Study Ireland provides the perfect platform for students to make their dreams of a world-class education a reality.

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